Coat Sizing

Size Charts 2019

COAT SIZING – chart reflects the fabric measurements


Finding your correct size:

Find the size on the chart which best fits all of your measurements (make sure to allow for the shoulder measurement – for the best range of motion). You will want to start at this FABRIC measurement and add a size for your white coat fit. (There is minimum shrinkage when first washed, or professionally laundered according to instructions.) NOTE: The chart measurements are the actual FABRIC measurements of the coat. – If you want a “lab coat” fit, you will need to order a size or two larger.


“The coat arrived in good condition, beautifully presented, …very, very happy with both the fit and the quality of the coat…we love to see this quality in any supplier that we deal with. It certainly inspires us to do business with you again.”
W.M., Australia

“Your customer service is terriffic and the coats are fabulous, so I will be sure to order from you again and refer you to everyone I can!”
M.H., TX

“Thanks for the prompt response (s) on your part. Your customer service is superb. I will recommend your website to my colleagues at the hospital.”
Dr. G.S., GA

“What can I say? The Critical Couture coat looks good and feels good. For those who care, it makes the stock white coats available at uniform shops or given by hospitals look like kitchen garbage bags.”
Dr. Poonam Mehta Manasa

“Thank you for this amazing coat. I have been looking for a coat that doesn’t just go straight down but had a shape; I am so glad I found you. The fit is perfect, the material is great, and customer service is top of the line. I will be ordering more in the near future. Thank you !!!!!!”
Dr. G.S. , Georgia, USA

“The coat is BEAUTIFUL and the fit is amazing. Thank you VERY much for your hard work!”
Dr. A.S., Virginia, USA

“I just received my size 2 white coats, I love the design; it’s a great fit.”
Dr. B.F., Maryland, USA

“Thank you so much and I am so excited to. I finally have a beautiful new coat to wear!!!”
Dr. S.C., Georgia, USA

“I am so excited to have found you guys, I have been looking for a quality, stylish white coat for years!”
Dr. A.S., Alabama, USA

“I have received the first and second coat and am very pleased with the fit. The coats fit like a glove and I’m very excited to start wearing at the hospital. I have only shown my roommate so far and the first reaction was “wow, that’s a beautiful white coat, it fits you like a glove, you actually have a waist!” So I thank you very much….. I’m very impressed with your company and plan to “show case” my coat as I wear it by always telling people your contact information….

I plan on getting my coats with you in the future.

Have a wonderful holiday!”
A.W., Minnesota, USA

“Thank you! The coat is perfect. Your customer service and product are the best I’ve ever experienced.”
M.W, Florida, USA

“I recently purchased one of your coats which is very nice. I ordered a size 1, based on the measurements given. It will fit over a very light weight summer top only. I would like to order another one to be worn over my heavier winter clothes. Would you suggest ordering 1 or 2 sizes larger?”
Dr. N. J., Iowa, USA


I received my coat today. It is beautiful! I would just like to say that, apart from the fact that I love the coat, I think you have excellent customer care! You have been very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

I will order the other style with knot belt shortly.

If I ever decide to open a private clinic I will definitely make sure we’ll all be wearing your coats.

I am Swedish, with an American grandmother, and I currently work in Sweden. I am a third year surgical resident and when I don’t work at my residency hospital I pick up extra shifts in private clinics performing minor surgery and sometimes family medicine. Looking forward to wear the coat next time(on Monday actually) I work in a private clinic and in clinic duty at my residency hospital.

Best regards,”
Dr. M.A., Sweden